Logo To undertake afforestation programme on degraded/un productive agricultural lands.

To encourage tree farming practice on marginal, sub marginal community and fallow lands to the best advantage of the farmers and to the community in large.


Logo Educate farmers about the need to greenify the surrounding areas of their residence and farms, by encouraging them to plant the trees surrounding their residence/farms to have lesser effect of environmental pollution.
Logo Establish Nurseries of pulpwood, firewood, fodder and timber yielding species to produce quality stock for planting to benefit the local community.
Logo To establish seed orchards for getting good hybrid seeds.
Logo To undertake research and development activities in the field of forestry, horticulture and other areas.
Logo To create employment opportunities to the rural community thereby ensuring development of the society
Logo To practice zero wastage with respect to all the associated operations.

To plan and manage the plantations in accordance with principles and criteria for the farm forestry.

To protect the environment by establishing a sylva-eco system and Agroconoesis.