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Society for Afforestation, Research and Allied works (SARA) is a registered society as per the Karnataka Society’s Act 1959 in 2001 vide registration No. 50/ 2001- 02 Dated: 12.09.2001.

SARA is formed by eminent personalities, which includes forestry, agriculture, financial experts and progressive farmers.

In the recent past, farm forestry and agro-forestry programmes undertaken by various Government agencies have not given the desired results in the region. Hence, SARA came into existence, with the objective of greening the country, meeting socio-economic and environmental conditions of rural mass. This concept has been widely accepted by the people of Karnataka and other neighboring States.

SARA is in existence to promote and encourage tree - farming practices on low productive and degraded lands for additional income to the farmers/farming community partnering with the SARA.

The observations of the Auditors are as under:

On 28 November, 2016 SARA (Society for Afforestation, Research and Allied works) FM Certification was subjected to Re-Evaluation cum Re-certiifcation audit. The audit was undertaken by SCS the certification body (CB) in presence of Witness auditor. It was 5 day’s event wherein the visiting body looked into the SARA day to day accounts and looked into the records and documentation as being managed and maintained. The visiting body also conducted field visits and interviewed many farmers; Managers, supervisors and farm hands. The team visited actual farms located in Ram Nagar, Khanapur; Chandgad; Kittur, Kuluwalli and Malgi regions to see the actual developments on the land.

The visiting team were impressed by the ground work done by SARA in helping farmers convert their wastelands into productive lands. Audit team commended SARA in its unique initiative and said such a model does not exist anywhere else in the world and needs to be studied closely and should be replicated for its contribution to wellbeing of the Environment & Society at large. The Certification Body SCS also added that the effort being put needs to be further cemented by replicating the ground work in to other regions and building newer relationships.

SARA on this occasion thanks its Members, it managing Team and Himsacsha Inc. (Consultants) for making this audit and this year as yet another success story. SARA is moving towards the path of its second journey with SARA is Forest Management Certified for its "Well Managed Group Plantation Certiifcation". Here it needs to be mentioned the commendable job done by Dr S. K. Sharma; Mr. V.C. Mirashi, Mr S.G. Jalihal, Mr. K.B. Ghadi, Mr. Sudhir Naik and the entire Plantation team for their constant push and motivating the farmers and making it possible for them to participate.

SARA will shortly post an Audit Summary for everyone to see.

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