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Promoting the Plantations/Farm forestry on low productive / dry degraded lands for addition income
Creating  awareness among farming community to optimum & best utilization of existing land resources.
Forestry development through people participation to reduce dependency on natural resources through extra production of fuel & fodder.
Employment generation to the rural people & upliftment of socio-economic status of the region
Providing an assured & stable market for wood produce.
Productivity enhancement per unit area and span.
Nurturing the nature by greening motherland.
Soil & Water conservation of the wasteland.
Carbon sequestration & cleaning the atmosphere by absorbing environmentally hazardous elements


Site preparation

Site preparation have to be done by engaging the heavy-duty bulldozers for to clear stumps, roots, small vegetation (if any) and other debris. Ripping will done with the aid of ripper attached to machine, which form a trench with a depth of 38 inches and width of 24 inches at the top. Generally, ripping will be done along the contour to prevent soil erosion and conserve the moisture. This operation will loosen the top soil and creates congenial conditions for the development of microbial activities and development of good soil physical properties.

  Application of Biofertiliser

The microbial inoculants (Gigaspora margarita / Glomus fasciculatum / Glomus mossae) will be applied. These spores are inoculated to seedlings before planting into main field.


Tending operations




Weeding operation will be carried out up to plantation attains the age of 2 years. Manual weeding will be done immediately after planting (after 2-3 months), generally two weeding will be done in first year.  In the second year, only one weeding will be done after rains.


Fertiliser Application

The full potentiality of growth is likely to be gained by application of fertilisers. Usually, fertiliser is applied after planting and at the latest in second year. Nitrogen and complex fertilizer (DAP) both are applied at the rate of 30 g each per plant during first year (after 2-3 months of planting) & 50 g of urea in second year.


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