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SARA plantations are managed for a broad range of uses and to conserve economic, social, environmental and cultural values. The SARA plantation planning process ensures that the plantation will remain healthy in the future, and sustainable benefits, such as timber and other products, recreation opportunities and wildlife conservation, are generated for the State. Sustainable forest management was successfully implemented with the following strategies:

  • All measures within its means will be taken to ensure healthy plantation are passed on to future generations;
  • Plantation will be managed on an integrated basis, supporting a full range of uses and values including timber production, habitat for wildlife, and wilderness areas;
  • A multitude of economic benefits will be generated from various forest products and services; ecotourism and recreation will be supported within a framework of sound ecological and social principles and practices;
  • Advanced training, skills and education will be provided to those employed in forest-related activities, and stable, fulfilling employment opportunities will add to their quality of life;
  • Through consultation, mutual respect, sharing of information and clear and harmonious relationships among all stakeholders of forests, trust and agreement will be brought about and the effectiveness of forest conservation, management and industrial development will be improved; and
  • Continuous research programmes will be carried out to improve sustainable forest management techniques.


  • Compliance with laws and FSC® Principles
  • Tenure and use rights and responsibilities
  • Indigenous peoples' rights
  • Community relations and worker's rights
  • Benefits from the forest
  • Environmental impact
  • Management plan
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Maintenance of high conservation value forests
  • Plantations


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